Our approach


After an injury or an operation, it is important to start rehabilitation as soon as possible. At Arthromed+, we work together to develop an individual programme so that you can be active again in everyday life or in sports as quickly as possible. The rehabilitation programme, which is specially adapted to you, prepares you optimally for your future challenges and we accompany you through this process.

We also offer lymphatic drainage as a supportive measure in the course of rehabilitation. It is a component of optimally designed rehabilitation, which contributes to improved wound healing, especially in the early phase.

Lymph drainage is a special type of medical massage. It stimulates the transport of lymph fluid in the lymphatic vessels by means of gentle grasping techniques.

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(Secondary) prevention

After rehabilitation, prevention also begins. It serves to identify and understand deficits and to eliminate them by means of targeted exercises. There are many ways to find the perfect training stimulus or training approach. Our therapists and sports scientists can draw on many years of experience from working with competitive and amateur athletes and thus provide them with the best possible support.